Friday, October 31, 2008

Asakuma Rice Sushi & Asian Cuisine in Sherman Oaks, California

Wow!  Can't believe it!  It is almost ready!


What? What is ready? you are probably wondering, right?

Asakuma Rice restaurant located in Sherman Oaks, California is what.  It is located at 14543 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.  It is on Ventura Blvd just west of Van Nuys Blvd.
Another restaurant called "Mon Sushi" was there, but it closed its door several months ago.  We secured the location and have been working on the interior for last couple of months.

What was started with a simple plan of bare minimum remodeling turned into a full scale remodeling.  The whole decor has been redone and the transformation is simply "amazing" to borrow the neighboring store owners who saw the "before" and "after" interior.  If you visited the place as "Mon Sushi", you ought to come out and check us out.

Now, what is "Asakuma Rice".  Is it Japanese food?  YES.  Is it Chinese Food? YES.  Is it a fusion?  That Depends.  The name "Asakuma Rice" is combined name of 2 different restaurants: (1) Asakuma Japanese restaurant, and (2) Rice Chinese Restaurant, thus "Asakuma Rice".  That makes sense right?  Absolutely.

I said it "depends" whether it is "fusion" food.  Truly the answer depends on what is your definition of "fusion".  If you are refering to a menu dishes that were created by combining the two different types of food to create a new "fusion" dishes, the answer is "NO."  However, if you refer to a location where different types of food are served at the same location, then the answer is YES.   That's right!  At Asakuma Rice, we serve the  best Sushi and Japanese menu following over 20 years of the tradition and reputation of Asakuma Japanese Restaurant.  By the way, Asakuma Japanese Restaurant is located at 11701 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA (corner of Wilshire and Barrington in West LA/Santa Monica area).

Asakuma Rice also serves the best Chinese menu dishes following the many years of being the favorites of surrounding regions of West Hollywood, CA area.  The Rice Chinese was converted into 1st Asakuma Rice.

Now, we are opening 2nd Asakuma Rice restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA.  Come by to check out the place and come by to enjoy the best of Japanese and Chinese menu dishes can offer.  You will be glad to come.

On my next blog, I will try to remember to share with you how "Asakuma Rice".

Til then, 

Happy eating!